The Pros and Cons of Cellphones

Cell phones should be allowed in school in case of an emergency. If they need to get into contact with a parent or guardian. It could be a situation that the student feels that shouldn’t be shared with anyone only their parent. Also , cell phones help kids memorize the numbers of people they need to get into contact with. Also cell phones should be allowed in school because music could help them concentrate or it can make them feel safer. It can also keep them more organized with all of their school work or set a reminder so they don’t miss a homework or an appointment with as teacher. It also can help them remember to tell their parents everything that’s happening in school. Cell phones in school can also be a plus for parents so they know were the kids are like with a gps, parents can know if kids are skipping school, they can know were they are.
Cell phones shouldn’t be allowed in school because it can distract the children from their learning and they can miss a valuable point in the lesson. Plus, it can cause a distraction to everyone else in the room if a child is texting. They can also be used to play games and then the kids wont be able to learn what the teacher has planned for them
My opinion is kids should be able to bring their cellphones in because other then distraction its a good thing to bring your cellphone in , it can help you be located for were you need to be.

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